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Green Fire ICE MELT PELLETS use a Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Chloride Blend
Green Fire ICE MELT PELLETS granular ice melt dissolves snow and ice in temperatures below 0°F. It is safe to use on concrete or asphalt, and is enhanced with a green color indicator to prevent under application and waste. It is non-caustic to skin, and can be applied
by hand.

Green Fire ICE MELT PELLETS are Ideal for Use On
• Sidewalks • Driveways • Stairs • Parking lots
• Cement • Concrete • Asphalt • Flagstone
Features and Benefits
• Works immediately to melt ice, frost, and snow
• Non-corrosive to concrete when used as directed
• Does not leave a residue on carpets and floors
• Generates exothermic heat to power through thick ice deposits
• Contains anti-corrosive material

50 lb. box

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Weight 50 lbs


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