Nilogel Liquid Absorbent



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This Nilodor Non-Chlorinated Nilogel Deodorizing Liquid Spill Absorbant quickly absorbs and deodorizes all water-based spills, including urine and vomit. It will absorb over 100 times it’s own weight. So, that means within seconds, a single container can absorb up to 7 gallons of liquid. The resulting product is an odor free, easy to clean up semi-solid. Nilogel is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it user and environmentally friendly.

For other absorption options, take a look at all of our bodily fluid clean up kits, which includes a blood encapsulation absorbent.

Nilogel contains the Original “Super N” Concentrate which enables it to destroy even the toughest odors. It is the most effective odor control absorbent available for pet urine and other horribly pungent odors. It is a great product to readily have on hand in veterinary hospitals, airplanes/airports, boats, schools, nursing homes, and day care centers.


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