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    Problem Solvers

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    Water Treatment Solutions

    Ask us about our Water Treatment solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Municipal markets.

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    Your Chemical Solution Provider

    We set the standard for complete commercial and industrial cleaning and sanitation solutions.

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    Quality Products

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    Economical & Effective

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    Our Commitment

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Your Chemical Solution Provider

3G Chemical Solutions services the southeast region with customers in Atlanta, GA, Mobile, AL, Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Our unparalleled commitment to provide industrial cleaning products at competitive prices and overall value are why our customers keep returning. Let us find a solution for you.

Our environmentally safe sanitization and cleaning solutions help improve institutional and industrial environments to maximize overall productivity, employee health and workplace safety.  Whether it’s our deodorizer and freshener products or those that disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces, we provide better-performing and safer products that meet the needs of our customers.

3G Chemical Solutions helps businesses perform better by using safe, cost effective quality products.

In doing so, we offer:

  • Continuous updates on our latest product offerings.
  • A chemical cleaning program customized for your company.
  • A service representative who can help your company stand out from the rest.

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3G Private Label Products

3G Private Label Products

Ask us about our exclusive private label cleaning solutions. Designed with your cleaning needs in mind!

Our Featured Product

Our Featured Product

Ivy X Pre-Contact Solution tightens skin pores against many common environmental irritants. Ivy X Pre-Contact Skin Solution dries quickly and is non-greasy, sticky or clay-like, which maybe found in other products. There is also no wait time, simply apply Ivy X Pre-Contact to exposed skin and immediately start your outdoor task. Ivy X Pre-Contact is almost unnoticeable on the skin and washes off easily with soap and water. Our packaging (towelettes, bottles & spray) allows for a compliant and affordable skin protection program for the outside worker.

Customer Favorites

Customer Favorites
  1. 1
    Island Mist
    Our marvelous new product takes deodorizing to a new level. This natural citrus odor eliminator with its incredible orange-creamsicle fragrance neutralizes malodors and actually converts stale, unpleasant air into invigorating, pleasing air. Highly concentrated oil-based formulation lasts longer than water-based products. Use as a contact or space spray wherever malodors are an issue.

    A few sprays do the trick! See why our customers who buy this product have such a fantastic re-order rate with it.

  2. 2
    Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Degreaser
  3. 3
    OxyOrange RTU

    OxyOrange®  is a patented green cleaning product, which can handle majority of your cleaning needs.  It combines the natural power of hydrogen peroxide with the grime fighting ability and fresh scent of d-limonene which is extracted directly from oranges.

    OxyOrange®  reduces toxicity by eliminating the harsh chemicals commonly used in janitorial cleaners and better yet, it’s environmentally friendly too.

  4. 4
    Neutra-Air Dry Air Freshner & Odor Neutralizer
    • VOC* Compliant Formula
    • Floating Mist Eliminates Odors
    • Fine, dry mist floats through the air and reduces the danger of slips and falls
      as a result of wet fall-out on the floor
    • TO DEODORIZE AIR: Spray with a wide sweeping motion to minimize fallout
    • Use wherever odors occur and as often as needed to maintain freshness
    • SPRAY REGULARLY: Use in bathrooms, sick rooms, basements, smoke filled rooms, offices—anywhere that odor is a problem
    • Keeps every room fresh and fragrant