Tire Bright Tire & Rubber Dressing

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Tire & Rubber Dressing Protects & Beautifies, Dries Quickly, Does Not Streak

Protects against sun rays which dry out and crack, dull, harden and fade rubber tires, bumpers, molding, etc. High gloss, water resistant and durable. Ideal For Use On: RUBBER: tires; bumpers; seals; molding; mats; etc.

DIRECTIONS: Easy to use. Spray directly on clean l dry surface. For best results preclean surfaces thoroughly. CAUTION: DO NOT refill this container. DO NOT cut container with torch as explosion may result.


Solvent-based silicone l Non-streaking l Long lasting l Fast drying l High gloss

Typical Properties:

Specific Gravity: 0.77 l Active Silicone Solids: 21.0% l Appearance: Clear blue liquid l Odor: Solvent

Safety Cautions:

l Keep out of reach of children. l It is recommended that protective gloves and safety glasses be worn when using this product. l Make sure there is adequate ventilation. l Refer to M.S.D.S. for additional safety information.