Nilodor® Odor Block Air Freshener and Deodorizer

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Nilodor® Odor Block Air Freshener is a convenient, natural way to quickly counteractant and suppress odors found in a wide range of areas including cars, duct systems, registers, furnace plenums and more. They work especially great in fire and smoke damage restoration. This product will dispense more rapidly as temperature rises or when air flow increases across the surface of the block. Available in original, cherry or citrus scents. For other types of air fresheners and deodorizers, checkout both our Solid deodorizer department and our air fresheners & odor eliminators department for other options we have to offer.

This block works well after using Multi-Purpose Odor-Bane™ Deodorizers and Deodorizing Super Socks which both also come in original, cherry or citrus scent options. Also check out Nilodor’s wide range of fire, smoke, and flood damage restoration products like their Thermo Fogg Deodorizer, Soot and Odor Sealer & Neutralizer, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Clean Air Gel and Nilotron® Odor Neutralizing Fogger. With these options, Nilodor has all your odor restorations covered.


    • Light Odors: Poke a few holes in the package to control the release of scent. When the scent is reduced, poke a few more holes in the package. Airflow and temperature also influence the amount of scent released. If the deodorizing scent becomes too strong, reposition the block in an area of lower air flow or lower temperature or remove the block.
    • Mild Odors: Snip off a corner of the package. Later, when the scent is reduced, cut off a larger portion of the package. Wrap a rubber band around the package to make sure the block doesn’t fall out.
    • Heavy Odors: Remove the Odor Block for the wrapper and strategically place the Odor Block in the area to be cleaned or treated.


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