Nilodor® BioBreak™ Multi-Purpose Digester & Odor Eliminator



Nilodor BioBreak is a multi-purpose deodorizer with advanced bacteria strains and odor counteractant to eliminate odors at their source. A great addition to our liquid deodorizer lineup. Nilodor Inc. has the 1st Green Seal Certified Biological Deodorizer on the market today.

Great for deodorizing a wide variety of surfaces, including hard surfaces, carpeting and drains. BioBreak is great for eliminating odors deeply embedded within carpets, fabrics and other objects. It permanently eliminates odors by attacking and digesting the source. May be used in combination with most carpet care chemicals.

For Use In

  • Restrooms – in and around urinals and commodes
  • General deodorizing
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Grease traps
  • Pour or spray onto carpeting to remove pet urine or organic stains & odors


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