Listo-Shield Floor Drains



LISTO-SHIELD drain screens washing action will clean the floor drains and wash away any buildup of scum, sludge andother accumulations from forming in the drains and drain lines.
LISTO-SHIELD drain screen is a time release product. When activated by water from the drain, it produces acontinuous metered cleaning action.
LISTO-SHIELD drain screen will last longer than most of the other products on the market today.
LISTO-SHIELD drain screen is easy to use and can be placed with chemical facing up or down.
LISTO-SHIELD drain screen can be used in all floor drains.
LISTO-SHIELD drain screen is the fastest acting product on the market.
USED BY: Hospitals • Kitchens • Food Preparation Areas • Food Processing Plants • Schools • Nursing Homes • Restaurants


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