DRAIN DEMON has a unique thickened formula which clings to sides of pipes and drain lines, increasing contact for more effective treatment.

It digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food by-products in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, funeral homes, apartments, kennels, clinics, porta-toilets, marinas, and septic tanks.

Contains seven strains of non-toxic bacteria per gallon.

Note: This product performs best within a pH range of 5.5 – 8.5. Optimal temperature range for maximum effectiveness is 54° – 113°F; effective up to 212°F. Extremes of pH and temperature, as well as wide shifts in either parameters over a short period of time should be avoided. Cold temperatures reduce the effectiveness of the product and no bacteria activity can be expected below 40°F.

Use in grease traps, sewer lines, drain lines, down pipes, septic tanks, portable toilets, recreational vehicles. Also great for deodorizing carpet.


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