Total Solutions™ Wood Wipes



Furniture Polish Wipes – Wood Furniture Cleaner

Condition and shine without leaving a greasy residue with Total Solutions. Wood furniture cleaner wipes are a one step process for cleaning, dusting and polishing. Furniture polish wipes should always be tested in an inconspicuous area first, especially with antique furniture pieces. Because they don’t leave a wax build-up, they can also be used on vinyl, leather, stainless steel and marble. A helpful hint is to start with larger pieces of furniture first and then move on to smaller pieces. 25 ready to use 8″ x 6″ furniture polish wipes are stored in a convenient, completely recyclable pop top container.

Total Solutions Wood Cleaner Directions

  • Remove furniture polish wipes from container one at a time
  • In a circular motion start with gentle pressure and increase as you go
  • Fold and turn wipe frequently keeping clean side out
  • Discard when finished or when wipe becomes soiled

Wet Wipe Furniture Polish Highlights

  • Wood furniture cleaner conditions with every use
  • Will not leave a wax buildup or oily residue
  • Safe for use on most finished wood surfaces
  • 25 count all-in-one sheets per container

Total Solutions wood cleaner and polish wipes are ideal for everyday dusting and touch ups where needed!


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