SafeGard Absorbent For Oil

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SafeGard Absorbent For Oil  is specially formulated to aggressively absorb and fully clean all types of oil spills. Our new  SafeGard Absorbent For Oil  is lightweight, requires a small amount for complete spill clean-up and removes oil and residue in one application. For Oil can be reused until absorbent is fully saturated which results in a cost effective and easy to use way to clean up your oil spills. 15 lbs.

 Great for use in:

Garages, Manufacturing facilities, Auto repair centers, Fuel Centers, Warehouses, Machine shops, Driveways, and Industrial settings.

Create a safer facility and environment today!

6 times the absorption of clay base
▪All natural/non-carcinogenic/suppresses vapors/ encapsulates/ can be incinerated.
▪One application to remove oil and residue
▪Reuse absorbent to full saturation
▪Compact storage

30 and 55 gallon drums also available