27 Dec 2017
December 27, 2017

Breaking the Ice

Green Fire-Granular and Liquid Form: Green Fire is a granular ice melter enhanced with a green color indicator to prevent underapplication and waste. This powerful formula works immediately to melt ice, frost, and snow. Liquid Green Fire, when used as a pre-treatment, will prevent the bonding of snow and ice to pavement and other surfaces. Also, it is effective at melting ice and snow that is already present.







De-Ice-Frost & Ice Remover: This product is residue-free, fast acting, and removes ice and frost from windshields, steps, door locks, sidewalks, and more. It can be used to prevent ice and frost from forming if used prior to freezing weather.








Liquefire- Anti-Icing Agent: Liquefire prevents snow and ice from bonding to surfaces like sidewalks, steps, ramps, traffic areas, and more. It can also be used on fire walks, fire escapes, ladders, etc. This formula is ready to use—don’t mix with water.







Hand Warmers-Air Activated-8 Hour: These hand warmers provide up to 8 hours of heat to keep your hands warm during the winter season. Just open and shake to get the warmth your hands need. Each packet contains two warmers.

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